Jon Cor in Richmond

A few year’s back, I had the pleasure of working on The Way to the Heart, a relatively big budget (for the north) indie movie produced in Prince George, which totally shattered all those stereotypes of actors as aloof and snobbish. Indeed, while doing cast photos, one of the male leads, Jon Cor (best known as Chillblaine on The Flash TV show, or possibly Hodge Starkweather in Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments) decided that I was the best photographer he’d ever worked with, and later that evening we snuck off to take some character photos.

A few months back, I was in Vancouver and so Jon and I went out to the dykes in Richmond to do a few more character based shots. I was hoping to get some of him doing some martial arts stuff, but, with filming about to begin on the last season of the Flash, he was reluctant to do anything that might damage the goods. That’s okay, it just means that I get to shoot with him again someday, when he’s not actively filming. (Also, the shots you’re looking for are at the end…)

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